Run to the Arcamyths Trial Summit:
Forge Your Legends Team, Surpass the Ordinary..

Imagine this: Step through the Heaven Callings Monument into a destiny where bravery shapes legends.You, an unexpected hero, find your true power mirroring hidden strengths. With unforgettable allies, face challenges that craft you into more than you ever imagined—aiming for the title of Legend God, a honor for the boldest hearts.Twists, turns, and shifting alliances await. Are you ready to forge your legend at the Arcamyths Trial Summit?Choose your calling, and start the journey that only you can complete.

Choose Your Callings

Be The First Players!

Join the First Player Group, gaining exclusive benefits from this game, and your name will be recorded alongside ours, making history together!"Remember, The game of life is way better with your team by your side!"


current phase
○ Players & Market Research
○ Gameplay Refinement
○ Artwork Creation
○ Production Prep

launch phase
Game Premiere Launch ○
Premiere Tournament ○

Post-Launch phase
○ Establish Base for community
○ Tournament & Event
○ strategic outreach
○ secondary market support
○ Distribution Network

Roadmap Notes
This is a living document, evolving with our journey and community. Stay tuned for regular updates.

a special thanks

Developing LOTO Trading Card Game has been an extraordinary journey, shaped by the invaluable insights and feedback of passionate players and friends.Their guidance has inspired us to craft an experience that truly connects with players.

Adrian Samyudia
Albertus Andika
Alexander Prasetya
Christopher Darryl Wiria
Matthew Kek
Michelle Chandra
Mike Lenexy
Moira Setiawan

To everyone who shared their time and stories with us, thank you.Your voices are the foundation of this adventure, shaping LOTO TCG into a game we all can call our own.

Interested to share your TCG experience & perspectives? Just shoot us a message!

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